About Us

Sage Advice for Today's Leaders

The Advisory Counsel, Inc. provides high-level strategic advice to today's leaders.  We work with CEOs, boards and directors, Fortune corporations, tech firms, financial institutions, private equity and institutional investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities and business leaders in the U.S. and abroad. Our elite counsel helps these organizations  to plan, develop  and execute effective media, regulatory and external strategies to achieve success in today's competitive global market.

Our Origins
The Advisory Counsel was originally established to assist companies planning mergers, acquisitions and IPOs with effective outreach strategies.  We broadened our advisory services to include class action litigation  and high-profile crises. 

Elite Advice & Counsel

Today, The Advisory Counsel provides a full range of strategic advice to leading companies, professionals and personalities.  Our elite communications counsel helps today's leaders to extend brands, manage crises and advance reputations with customers, fans and clients throughout the world.