ADONIS HOFFMAN, Esq.

                                                                          Founder and CEO

Mr. Hoffman is a lawyer, business strategist and noted  thought leader with over 30 years of high-level legal, government and  international experience in media, communications, public policy and  corporate affairs. He has worked with CEOs, corporate boards and Fortune corporations, policymakers, foreign leaders, trade associations,  institutional investors, embassies, and international organizations on a  range of global and domestic issues. Hoffman provides strategic advisory counsel to organizations and investors on compliance, risk,  M&A, diversity, inclusion and reputation management, as well as  regulatory and public policy developments as part of his  branded Advisory Counsel series.  Read More

                                                                  HON. VICTOR O. FRAZER, Esq. 

                                                                     Former Member of Congress

                                                                            Senior Advisor

Mr. Frazer is a lawyer and leadership strategist who has served at the highest levels of the Legislative  and Executive  Branches of the U.S. Government.  He has been a trusted legal counsel and advisor to elected officials, corporate leaders and foreign government officials, providing counsel on challenging issues facing business and government. Mr. Frazer served as  a Member of the 104th Congress of the United States, representing the U.S. Virgin Islands in the U.S. House of Representatives. His prior congressional experience includes service as Senior Counsel to the Committee on the District of Columbia; Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on Economic Policy and Trade and  Special Assistant Counsel to the Chairman of the House Judiciary  Committee. After serving in Congress, Mr. Frazer was appointed Special Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Read More