Why Hire You Over the Competition?


Elite Strategies for Lawyers

A Competitive Market

  • Legal services is among the most competitive professions in the United States. Lawyers and law firms compete fiercely for corporate and institutional clients.

Demanding and Well-Informed Clients

  • Clients are more demanding than ever. They are better informed and less inclined to hire lawyers based on loyalty, comfort or tradition. They compare the cost and value of legal service in the marketplace. 

The Media Are a Big Factor

  • We live in a 24-7-365, always-on news environment. The media are ubiquitous, affecting every aspect of life and business. Clients are more aware than ever of the value of a media presence.  In no other area is this more important than selecting a lawyer. Clients want lawyers that have been tried and tested by the media and the court of public opinion.

We help lawyers gain more clients using media strategies that deliver results

The Media Matters

“The power of earned media in attracting clients should not be overlooked as a key part of the marketing mix for lawyers and law firms. 

“You should never miss an opportunity to inform your clients and prospects about what you are saying, doing or discussing in the marketplace of ideas. Strive to keep them in the loop so they can compare your value to the competition.

“Whenever I have been fortunate enough to appear on TV, testify before Congress, or write an article that gets published in major news media, I get calls from companies I did not even know existed. Often, these inquiries have led to successful client and business relationships.

“Lawyers should look for every occasion to engage the media on the issues and areas in which they practice or have an expertise.

“With a 24-hour news cycle, and the appetite for news in digital media, there are countless opportunities for lawyers to engage the media as subject matter experts, opinion providers and thought leaders.

“Every lawyer should invest time to  create the profile and conditions necessary to engage and leverage the media.” 

-- Adonis Hoffman, Esq.--