• In a fast-moving, hyper-competitive, global marketplace, The Advisory Counsel Inc. brings decades of business, communications, legal, regulatory and public policy experience.  We provide high-level strategic counsel to today's business, financial, and professional leaders as they engage the market, and we work with CEOs, boards, corporate directors, Fortune corporations, tech firms, financial institutions, private equity and institutional investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities and captains of industry in the U.S. and abroad. Our elite counsel helps these leaders to plan, develop  and execute effective corporate, regulatory and external strategies that achieve successful results.

Intelligence, Experience, Insight

  • Our advisory counsel is bolstered by intelligence, innovation, experience and insight, and our professionals are driven by selfless service, exceptional ethics and a passion for success. Our advice changes outcomes. 

Corporate Advisory Counsel

We don't just think about the problems in business, we help you to develop and implement effective, responsive and innovative solutions: Corporate Restructuring | M&A | Crisis, Risk and Reputation Management | Internal Investigations | Strategic Relations

  • We live and work in a world where fortune favors the bold and competition is the order of the day. Our society has been aptly called the “attention economy” because Americans are increasingly logged on, plugged in, and connected to interactive social networks, the media and the entire inter-connected world.

  • We are driven by a 24-hour news cycle, tweets, blogs, texts and other instant communications that compete for our time and attention at any point in the day. Getting and keeping the favorable attention of a targeted market requires strategy, planning and consistency. 

  • Our marketing intelligence, insights and initiatives have been developed as a result of decades of practice and experience. We invite you to contact The Advisory Counsel to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.